Vertical Gardening: Enjoying The Benefits For A Lifetime

The thought of growing your own food may sound daunting: you’ve got lots of land, sunshine and good soil for sure, right? But in fact growing your own food at home can be anything from an indoor herb garden to some tiny pots of fresh tomato plants on a low patio or sloping deck. Growing your own food is really about the pleasure of growing things yourself rather than getting stuck in the routines of the supermarket. So how do you go about starting to grow your own food?

The first step in any new hobby or project is research! Before you start growing anything, check out magazines and online gardening sites to familiarize yourself with the subject. Then get out some good soil and plant seeds. Get advice from friends and family before you begin planting and read up on any seed-lending shops in your neighbourhood. A very handy resource for growing tips is a book on how to start your garden.

One of the most popular methods of gardening these days is hydroponic gardening. Hydroponics (water culture) is growing plants without the use of soil. Hydroponics simply means water is being delivered directly to the plants, so the roots are never deprived of oxygen and minerals. Hydroponic vegetables and fruits can be grown in a variety of containers, including small plastic pots and hanging baskets. The idea is that the nutrient-rich soil will feed the healthy plants, providing you with fresh produce year round.

Gardening clubs offer plenty of information on growing organic and natural foods. You can find out what works best for your climate and your personality. Some community gardeners like to specialize in one narrow type of vegetable or fruit. Specializing helps you be more productive with limited space and/or time, while building a personal bond with other gardeners and becoming friends.

If you are ready to get started in growing your own food, talk with others who have been successful in growing their own food. You may also want to join a gardening club. If you live in a city with a large residential area, you may have a gardener within walking distance. If not, meeting up with other local gardeners may result in a chance to grow together. If you are not aware of it, some communities offer gardening classes at various times of the week, so this could be another possibility for learning about growing organic vegetables and fruits.

Growing your own food allows you to get much better produce than you would get from a grocery store. Since you are able to select and purchase only what suits you taste, you are unlikely to eat what you do not like. Some people even grow fruit trees and vegetables to sell at market. Once you get started in vertical gardening, there is no looking back. In just a few short weeks, you will see that this type of planting has turned into a satisfying hobby that provides much more than produce for your table.