Upcycling, sometimes referred to as eco-recycling, is the practice of converting unwanted, broken or discarded products, waste products, or useless products into new goods or products perceived to have higher aesthetic or environmental quality. A good example of this is the art and craft industry, where recycled products are transformed into decorative items such as figurines or glassware. The recycling of these products can be as simple as repurposing a plastic bottle to create an interesting sculpture, or as complex as converting a large amount of plastic bags into a unique coffee mug or coffee table. The idea is to reuse products in new and creative ways to increase the eco-friendliness of our society.

Upcycled items, whether they be clothing, glassware or clothing items, can be purchased at a much lower price than their original value and used again in our everyday lives, making up a great part of today’s economy. Some people even sell the used items they purchase in an effort to help their communities as well. Some recycling businesses offer to buy items that would otherwise have to be thrown away; thus, saving some money for everyone. There are also some organizations that collect unwanted items and either donate them to local non-profit organizations or sell them at a fair.

While there are many different industries that engage in upcycling, they vary in their own way. For instance, while many businesses recycle electronics, there are also some who recycle medical equipment. Most companies are in the business of selling things that are no longer usable, but rather become less expensive for others to purchase, thus, making it easier for them to make profits from what they already have.