Refrigeration Companies In Glasgow That Will Help You Preserve Your Food

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vegetables prepared for refrigeration

The meaning of food preservation varies widely and people hold different opinions on how the process is done. Preserving food means storing it at a specific temperature for a specific period of time to extend the shelf-life of the food. Proper storage of food is a major concern for all the chefs out there, and that is why refrigeration companies in Glasgow are tailoring their services specifically for those needs.

Types Of Food Preservation

Heat can destroy most pathogens that grow on the earth’s surface. Some of these pathogens are so tiny that they do not even become visible. However, heat causes some microbial changes that result in changes in the food’s structure, such as swelling and cracking. An increase in temperature from below freezing (towards absolute zero) is called micro cooling.
Food is ideally preserved using one of the three main types of food preservation methods: electrical refrigeration, mechanical refrigeration, and thermal refrigeration. Each type of refrigeration has its own benefits and drawbacks. Electrical refrigeration, which is now almost completely replaced by thermal refrigeration, uses electricity to heat water that is stored in a cold water reservoir; the water then passes through a cooling coil and is transformed into gas, which is then released into the air.
Mechanical food preservation uses hot air to heat an airtight container containing the food. This process causes the growth of oxygen-free, non-bacterial microorganism spores that will not harm humans or animals. However, this type of food preservation method cannot prevent bacterial growth, because the spores released into the air cannot withstand a chemical reaction with the food, such as bacterial growth or alteration of the nutrition content.
Thermal food preservation is a combination of mechanical and chemical preservation methods. Heat is used to kill microorganisms before they are released into the air. The heat source may be a furnace, an outdoor fire, or direct sunlight. An additional chemical reaction causes the growth of bacteria and yeasts in the leftovers.

Cucumber preserved in jars

What Is Refrigeration?

Refrigeration is the process by which food is cooled to keep it edible and retain its nutritional value. Refrigeration can be mechanical (cooling by a freezer) or chemical (using ice). The latter involves the addition of a refrigerant, such as water, to the refrigerated object to chill it. Mechanical refrigeration means mechanical cooling of a closed system, material or device to lower and/ or maintain its internal temperature below the ambient one.
Thermal conductivity and thermal insulation are key factors to consider when choosing a refrigeration system. Refrigeration depends on the rate of absorption and distribution of heat and cold and how well the two are coupled. A low R-value indicates poor thermal conductivity; a high R-value indicates excellent thermal conductivity and an excellent combination of absorption and distribution.
A closed system such as a refrigeration system that uses ice as a refrigerant is a good example of a cold air refrigeration system. Ice forms into droplets that are cooled by heat exchange. The droplets then fall into a collection plate where cold air forms and is drawn out through a pipe or other means to be recirculated back into the original freezer.
Food preservation also means reducing the growth of microorganisms that grow in and on the foods. Generally, food preservation techniques are grouped into two main categories: mechanical and biological. Mechanical methods of food preservation take away heat from the food, making it colder. The terms cold and warm indicate temperatures where the food is held within the refrigerator. In other words, mechanical food preservation is also known as cold refrigeration.

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Refrigeration Companies In Glasgow That Will Help To Preserve Your Produce

Simply put, refrigeration is artificial cooling. So if your garden has been very generous with you this year and you would like to keep the nutritional benefits of your produce then you should try refrigeration companies Glasgow that specialize in that. Proper care always pays off, and when it comes to the quality of your beloved vegetables and fruits that have come from your garden there is only one way to go. Luckily, you’ve got many options to choose from like an extra fridge in your kitchen or you can build a cold room that will not limit the quantities of food that you intend to keep during the cold season.

Harvested strawberries

Final thoughts

Gardening has shifted from a necessity to a hobby, and not many people remember how it used to be when there were no supermarkets with big storage where all the food is kept. And nowadays we have the opportunity to experience the culture of food cultivation and food preservation, and the are many refrigeration companies in Glasgow that will help you in this endeavour.