Beginner Gardening Tools: The Essentials

Gardening Gloves

You will need the right pair of gloves in order to enjoy your gardening. You should ensure you buy gloves that are nicely fitted to your hands and that are not too loose and poses the risk of them falling off. They should be water resistant and should cover part of your forearm to protect your arm from thorns. Gloves should also not be too thin as this may result in sharp edges pinching their way through and cutting the skin.


Loppers are a cutting tool that are used to trim thick branches. They have long handles and can be used to cut hard to reach plants and stems. The blades should be sharp, strong, and durable. You should ensure that the blades are kept in the best condition as this will determine how well they cut.


Garden forks are used to dig into soil. They are sharper than a spade which means they can be used especially for thick soil patches, that are awkward to dig. There are different types of garden forks which can include curves, straight tines, and square tines. They are all used for scooping and digging.


A sturdy rake is key for getting rid of leaves, especially when they are wet and awkward to move. They can come in all different shapes and sizes, but the most commonly used rake is a leaf rake. They can reach narrow areas and can move large piles of leaves at the one time.