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Tattler Canning Lids

Tattler lids are a modern and reusable 2-piece lid system for home canning. The lids consist of a BPA free white plastic lid and a red rubber ring or gasket. The two-piece system uses a standard modern jar band to keep the lid and gasket securely on the jar while it is being processed in the canner.

Tattler Canning Lids

Tattler 2-Piece Reusable Canning Lid System

Tattler lids work in principal a little like the old-time zinc lids or wire bail jars. Some of you may be too young to remember, but old-time canning jars used to use a rubber ring or gasket that was attached to the lip or shoulder of a jar, and a zinc lid or glass top was attached to the Mason jar with a bail wire assembly or screw threads.

Wire Bail Jar

Old Fashioned Wire Bail Jar With Rubber and Glass Lid

In those days instead of tightening the bail wire or zinc lid firmly onto the jar before processing in the canner, the lid was left a little loose or the bail wire was left up, so that the food in the jar could vent.

Vent Position

Wire Bail Jar In Vent Position

After the jars were removed from the canner the lid or the wire bail was tighten or clamped down immediately so that a vacuum in the jar could be formed.

Bail Jar in Closed Position

Wire Bail Jar In Closed Position

Reusable canning lids are the ultimate in sustainability and semi self-reliance. Tattler lids are much more expensive than regular one trip lids but will easily pay for themselves over time.

I don’t exclusively use Tattler lids for all my canning needs, but I do keep at least half of my canning jars mated with reusable canning lids.
That’s because I’m old enough to remember the canning lid shortage of 1976 and I don’t ever want to go through that again if I can help it.

Because the lids are reusable I use a wax pencil or a small piece of freezer tape across the top of the lid to mark the date and contents instead of directly on the top of the lid.

Below is a short video that I made the demonstrating the use of Tattler lids.