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Two Bushels Of Tomatoes For Tomato Juice

2 Bushels Of Tomatoes For Juice

Home canned tomato juice doesn’t taste anything like store bought tomato juice. It has a much fresher taste and you can’t taste the tin can. The 2 bushels of tomatoes on the table above took me an entire day day to process. I ended up with 28 quarts of juice.

Which Tomato Is Best For Canning & Making Sauces?

Making Tomato Juice

Dear Granny, Which tomato should I grow for canning and making sauces? Which is good for eating? What is so great about heirlooms? Are hybrids better? Is there tomatoes that produce all during the season or do they produce one big crop at the same time? Susan Susan – A lot depends upon location, personal…

Pennsylvania Groundhog’s Day

Dead Groundhog

About 7 years ago a female groundhog moved into the area between my house and my mother-in-law’s house. She had babies. And after that the groundhog population around my hay fields, farmyard, outbuildings, gardens and orchard began to spiral out of control. By the summer of 2011 the damage to my 110 year-old concord grape…

A Guide To Canning & Freezing Tomatoes

Canned Tomatoes  In August

There are 2 bushels of tomatoes on my front porch lined up like soldiers on the on the railing. I began canning some of them Sunday, but most of the porch tomatoes will not be ready for processing for at least another couple of days or so. They are in different stages of ripening. The…