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Ram Selection & Performance Records

Sturdy Border Cheviot Ram Lamb

This little fellow is about 4 weeks old. He’s a pretty good example of what to look for in a very young ram lamb that may be held back as a breeding ram. For his age and breed he is large, possesses good sturdy bones, a strong flat top line, a well-formed head, good feet…

A New Shepherd

Adam Dean & First Lamb

First a dairy farmer and now a shepherd too. Adam Dean from Gibsondale Cheese is one of the best farmers I know. He bought part of my sheep flock last summer and will most likely buy my remaining sheep after lambing season is finished. Adam is the future of small family farms. He direct sells…

Border Cheviot Ewe Named “Heather”

Heather -  Spring  2013

“Heather” is my oldest ewe. She is a Border Cheviot and was born on February 3, 2003. Well over half of the ewes in my now very small flock are daughters, grand-daughters and great grand-daughters of Heather. She has always had a  very pretty face and a well-formed head. In her old age that hasn’t…

Newborn Border Cheviot Lamb

Newborn Border Cheviot Lamb

First lambs started arriving a few days ago. This little ewe lamb is out of a set of twins. Sadly her brother was born dead. When I came into the barn this lamb was curled up in a corner while her mother was desperately trying in vain to revive her dead twin. So very sad.…

What Are They Waiting For?

What Are You  Waiting For

These ewes are 10 days past the due date for this year’s lambs. I can’t remember when I’ve ever had ewes take so long to lamb. My best guess is that they were bred late due to a temporary sterility in the service ram. Last summer was extremely hot and it is not uncommon for…

A Supply List for Lambing & Kidding

Lambing Supplies

I’m expecting my first 2013 lambs anytime now. In fact there is probably a newborn lamb or two waiting for me in the barn this morning. The weather is about  to turn nasty and sheep always seem to wait for a change of weather or for the worst weather to lamb in. This lambing season…

Foot Scald & Foot Rot In Sheep

Sore feet

The ewe in the above picture has sore feet. Her kneeling stance is typical of either foot scald or foot rot. The ewe to the right of her, who is lying down, also has sore feet. All foot problems in sheep should be investigated and treated as soon as possible. There are lots of different…

Bring In The Dog

Bring In The Dog

Every once in a while I get a ewe that for whatever reason doesn’t want to properly mother her lamb or lambs. This morning a “first timer” named Jazzy easily and quickly delivered a set of twins. Jazzy did a good job cleaning up her babies, but she didn’t want to stand still so that…

Running With Mom

running with mom

Remember the runt? Well, he’s fine and keeping up with his mom. I kept him, his mom and sister in a lambing jug for almost a week instead of the usual 2 days. He’ll never be a champion in the show ring, but he’s growing well and is going to be just fine.


Runt Lamb

This little guy is a runt. He weighs less than 4 lbs. and is from a set twins that was born on Sunday. His sister is much bigger than he is and more lively. She weighs about 8 lbs. I’m concerned about both lambs. Neither lamb seems to be faring well. I don’t think they’re…

What Kind Of Sheep & Goats Do You Raise?

Sheep Grazing Near Apple Trees

Granny – You talk about your sheep and goats often. What type breeds do you have? Meat or milk goats? And do you use your sheep for meat or mainly wool? What breeds are they? I raise pure bred Border Cheviot sheep. I also have 3 sheep MontadaleX Cheviot ewes that I bought this past…

Selecting A Replacement Ram

Archie On His Way To Sale Barn

There’s an old saying: “A ram is half the flock” It’s a true and good axiom. Especially in purebred sheep. A ram’s contribution to a flock is no small thing. What he conveys to his offspring can either make or break a breeding program. The consequences of a poor ram choice for a given set…

How To Dock A Lamb’s Tail

Group of Lambs

All lambs born on this farm get their tails docked. There are many different ways to accomplish tail docking and it varies by location, culture and tradition. Tail docking (shortening of the tail) is usually done in the United States to protect sheep against blowfly strike. Sometimes when young lambs or adult sheep are on…