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Healthy Sheep Feet

Ram Having His Feet Trimmed

Elliot, my Border Cheviot ram has pretty good feet. His feet haven’t been looked at in over a year and really don’t need too much trimming. I live in a very wet climate and often have wet pastures. Over the years I’ve noticed over that sheep with black hooves tend to do better on wet…

Sheep Mowing The Lawn

Sheep Mowing The Lawn

The safety switch on the lawn tractor is broken. It will be a least a couple of weeks until it comes back from the repair shop. Meanwhile the ewes and their lambs, have been put to hard work behind some portable electric fencing. They’re mowing the grass around my studio.

Black Badger Face Border Cheviot Lamb

Badger Face Border Cheviot ewe lamb

Spring has finally arrived here in western Pennsylvania! Daffodils are beginning to bloom and lambing season is finished. For the most part this year’s lambing season went smoothly. But there was one big surprise. An unusual Badger Face ewe lamb was born about 10 days ago. The ewe lamb is a twin out of two…

How To Give Animal Injections

Sheep or Goat Injection Site

As a veterinarian, I’m always giving animals injections for one reason or another. I give vaccines, I give antibiotics, I give pain medications and other drugs. Often when I’m treating an animal, I give owners instructions on how to administer the medication themselves so that they can continue the treatment. Many of my clients already…

Back In The Sheep Business


I changed my mind and decided to “un-retire” from sheep. In April I had an opportunity to buy back some of my old ewes . So I did. I also bought a few yearling ewes from another breeder while I was at it. So for now, I’m back in the sheep business again. Nothing too…

Ram Selection & Performance Records

Sturdy Border Cheviot Ram Lamb

This little fellow is about 4 weeks old. He’s a pretty good example of what to look for in a very young ram lamb that may be held back as a breeding ram. For his age and breed he is large, possesses good sturdy bones, a strong flat top line, a well-formed head, good feet…