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Retained Placenta in Sheep & Goats – Treatment & Considerations

Border Cheviot Ewe With Lambs

Normally after lambing or kidding, a ewe or nanny will expel the afterbirth or placenta within an hour or two. But sometimes the placenta can be stubborn about being released during the cleansing phase of lambing or kidding. In sheep and goats a placenta that does not evacuate the uterus after about 12 hours or…

Border Cheviot Ewe Named “Heather”

Heather -  Spring  2013

“Heather” is my oldest ewe. She is a Border Cheviot and was born on February 3, 2003. Well over half of the ewes in my now very small flock are daughters, grand-daughters and great grand-daughters of Heather. She has always had a  very pretty face and a well-formed head. In her old age that hasn’t…

What Kind Of Sheep & Goats Do You Raise?

Sheep Grazing Near Apple Trees

Granny – You talk about your sheep and goats often. What type breeds do you have? Meat or milk goats? And do you use your sheep for meat or mainly wool? What breeds are they? I raise pure bred Border Cheviot sheep. I also have 3 sheep MontadaleX Cheviot ewes that I bought this past…