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Dropping Seismic Testing Equipement By Helicopter

Dropping Seismic Equipement By Helicopter

For the past couple of days low flying helicopters have been dropping bundles and packages of seismic testing equipment in my woods, fields and pastures. The seismic testing is being done to map the Marcellus and Utica shale formations for possible deep horizontal wells that will hopefully produce shale gas.  The packages and bundles are…

Explosive Charges Have Been Set For 3-D Seismic Testing

Explosive Equipement For Siesmic Testing

The other day a very polite and professional crew from DAS set the explosive charges for 3-D seismic testing on my farm. Wires, cables and geophones still have to be placed. I expect blasting will commence shortly. Blasting will not be done too close to my house, well or outbuildings. Markers are in place everywhere…

3-D Seismic Testing

3-D Seismic Equipement & Cables

I’m living right smack in the midst of the Pennsylvania shale gas boom. It’s one of the reasons I may be moving and relocating – but more about that another time. In my neck of the woods most landowner’s have leased their farms and properties to Shell. Local farmers have signed 5 year leases and…