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“As Soon As The Soil Can Be Worked”

Doing An Inventory Of Seeds

Sometimes new gardeners need help interpreting and deciphering the back of a seed pack or a garden catalog. It seems like the information or directions should be forthright and easy to understand but that’s not always the case. There are a few terms and concepts that may be encountered in garden catalogs and on seed…

The Difference Between Hybrid & Non Hybrid Seed

Corn Seed Sprouting

New gardeners are sometimes confused by the terms hybrid, non- hybrid or heirloom when shopping for vegetable or flower seeds. Here’s a quick primer. HYBRID SEED Hybrids are the result of breeding two distinct varieties of plant or animal. The offspring of such a mating produces a new variety of the same species that incorporates…

How To Test Seeds For Germination Rate

Early Butler Seed Germination

Germination rate is the term used to describe the percentage of seed from a particular plant species that will emerge when given the right conditions. The germination rate is important information to know ahead of time and helps the home gardener or farmer determine how thickly or thinly any given seed needs to be sown.…