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No Good Comes From Rabbits In The Garden

Baby Bunnies From From A Plowed Up Rabbit's Nest

So sad. The 4 little bunnies in the above photo are a casualty of this year’s spring planting. While running the tractor and cultivator over our large garden a rabbit’s nest was turned up. Seems momma rabbit decided that a windrow of barn manure at the edge of the garden was a good place for…

The Home Canning Of Rabbit, Chicken & Small Game

Canned Chicken & Pickles

Modest food independence and sensible food storage are goals that many families strive to achieve. Raising a part of your own food is not complicated and a good amount of food can be produced yourself whether you live on a small town lot or in the suburbs. Chickens and rabbits are usually the first meat…

What Is The Easiest Animal To Raise For Meat?

Meat Rabbit

Dear Granny – You do some animal raising and I’m sure you know quite a bit more than myself. My question is, what is the easiest edible animal to raise? The best starter animal that is, both in price and in headaches. When I get my own farm going, I hope to not have to…