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Appalachia, Witchcraft & German Folk Culture

Jack O Lantern

“People need explanations for that which is unexplainable.” –Gerald C. Milnes – Believe it or not old-time witchcraft and sorcery is alive and well in rural Appalachia. By “witchcraft” I mean traditional pow-wowing, folk medicine and occult belief and practice that is grounded in agrarian life and experience – not New Age nonsense and Wicca…

A Few More Pennsylvania German Superstitions

Tree In Winter

Happy Groundhogs Day! Rural Pennsylvania German farmers have always been superstitious bunch. The use of rodents for weather prognostication is just  the tip of the Pennsylvania Dutch folklore iceberg. So in celebration of “Grundsowtag” I thought I’d share a few more Pennsylvania Dutch superstitions. • Don’t take the cat with you on the day that…