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Insect Screen On An Aladdin Mantle Lamp

Bug Screen On An Aladdin Mantle Lamp

Pictured above is an older style insect or bug screen on the chimney of an Aladdin mantle lamp. Mantles on Aladdin lamps are extremely fragile and expensive, and believe it or not a lamp mantle can break from the weight of a big bug. Lamp mantles are made of a very fine, light weight knitted…

Advice About Oil Lamps

Early Morning

Granny, The oil lamps in the background of your pictures are beautiful! Do you have any advice on what to look for in an oil lamp? Aladdin? Thanks, Christine Why thank you Christine! As far as oil lamps go there are basically 3 or 4 kinds. Mantle lamps, flat or round wick lamps, floating wick…

What Kind Of Lamp Oil Doesn’t Smell?

Aladdin Lamp

Granny – Will you be so kind as to tell me what kind of oil you use in your beautiful oil lamps. I have been using the store bought lamp oil and after a while of burning, the smell makes me really sick, a heavy oily smell fills the room. Thank you so much. Emerald…