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Heating Your Home With Coal

Blue Flames Of A Coal Fire

100% American Off-Grid Home Heating During the coldest part of winter I often burn coal instead of wood in my stoves. To my way of thinking – nothing keeps you as warm as coal. There are two main types of coal used in the United States for energy: bituminous coal and anthracite coal. Bituminous coal…

Nothing Keeps You As Warm As Coal

Laying By A Hitzer Stove That's Burning Coal

The temperature in my area of western Pennsylvania has finally risen above 15F. For the past week or so we’ve endured sub-zero weather. When the weather takes a turn to serious cold I like to burn anthracite coal instead of wood. Seems like nothing keeps you as warm as coal.


Upright Freezer In October

I keep two freezers. One is mostly for meat and the other is for fruits, vegetables, bread and other assorted foods. It may sound strange to you, but if I had to choose between owning a freezer or a refrigerator, I’d give up my refrigerator before I’d get rid of one of my freezers. To…

UNIQUE Brand Off Grid LP Cook Stove

Unique LP Cook Stove

Above is a Unique brand LP cook stove. I bought the stove from Lehman’s Hardware a couple of years ago after they had their big flood damage sale at the Kidron, Ohio store. I got the stove for almost half the price of a new one because it had been sitting in 5” of muddy…

Priming A Pump On A Shallow Well

Priming A Pump On A Shallow Well

There’s an old hand dug shallow well fit with a hand pump beneath the Husband & Wife trees in my front yard. During the winter months the pump handle is set in an upright position to allow all water to drain out of it and to keep it from freezing. In the spring (or during…

How To Use A Butane Clothes Iron

Butane Clothes Iron For Off-Grid

I’m an avid home sewer and sometimes quilter. I use an iron and a sewing machine almost daily. Most days I use an electric iron and an electric sewing machine. But some days (during the heat of the summer) I prefer my treadle sewing machine and a cordless butane iron. Many people are familiar with…

Advice About Oil Lamps

Early Morning

Granny, The oil lamps in the background of your pictures are beautiful! Do you have any advice on what to look for in an oil lamp? Aladdin? Thanks, Christine Why thank you Christine! As far as oil lamps go there are basically 3 or 4 kinds. Mantle lamps, flat or round wick lamps, floating wick…