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Upright Freezer In October

I keep two freezers. One is mostly for meat and the other is for fruits, vegetables, bread and other assorted foods. It may sound strange to you, but if I had to choose between owning a freezer or a refrigerator, I’d give up my refrigerator before I’d get rid of one of my freezers. To…

How To Use A Butane Clothes Iron

Butane Clothes Iron

I’m an avid home sewer and sometimes quilter. I use an iron and a sewing machine almost daily. Most days I use an electric iron and an electric sewing machine. But some days (during the heat of the summer) I prefer my treadle sewing machine and a cordless butane iron. Many people are familiar with…

Cook Stove Basics

Cook Stove Basics

I use a cook stove for about 8 months out of the year. A cook stove is a lot of work, but from my point of view it’s a lot of independence and security too. No matter what the weather brings or what happens with energy costs, I will always be able to heat my…