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Hypothermic Lambs & Kid Goats

Clara Belle Hypothermic

Gosh it’s cold outside! Hypothermic lambs and kid goats can become a real problem in this kind of weather. Throughout much of North America, the record cold is interfering with the health and well-being of many early season neonatal lambs and goat kids. Lambs and goat kids can take quite a bit of cold as…

The Sheep Business – An Opportunity For Women

Border Cheviot Lambs Playing King Of The Hill

Live lamb prices are high and have stayed high for a few years now. The market demand for fresh lamb has remained strong and that’s great news for sheep farmers near east coast markets. For the most part it’s all a matter of supply and demand. There are not as many sheep in the U.S.…

Ram Selection & Performance Records

Sturdy Border Cheviot Ram Lamb

This little fellow is about 4 weeks old. He’s a pretty good example of what to look for in a very young ram lamb that may be held back as a breeding ram. For his age and breed he is large, possesses good sturdy bones, a strong flat top line, a well-formed head, good feet…

Newborn Border Cheviot Lamb

Newborn Border Cheviot Lamb

First lambs started arriving a few days ago. This little ewe lamb is out of a set of twins. Sadly her brother was born dead. When I came into the barn this lamb was curled up in a corner while her mother was desperately trying in vain to revive her dead twin. So very sad.…

A Supply List for Lambing & Kidding

Lambing Supplies

I’m expecting my first 2013 lambs anytime now. In fact there is probably a newborn lamb or two waiting for me in the barn this morning. The weather is about  to turn nasty and sheep always seem to wait for a change of weather or for the worst weather to lamb in. This lambing season…

Running With Mom

running with mom

Remember the runt? Well, he’s fine and keeping up with his mom. I kept him, his mom and sister in a lambing jug for almost a week instead of the usual 2 days. He’ll never be a champion in the show ring, but he’s growing well and is going to be just fine.


Runt Lamb

This little guy is a runt. He weighs less than 4 lbs. and is from a set twins that was born on Sunday. His sister is much bigger than he is and more lively. She weighs about 8 lbs. I’m concerned about both lambs. Neither lamb seems to be faring well. I don’t think they’re…