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Black Badger Face Border Cheviot Lamb

Badger Face Border Cheviot ewe lamb

Spring has finally arrived here in western Pennsylvania! Daffodils are beginning to bloom and lambing season is finished. For the most part this year’s lambing season went smoothly. But there was one big surprise. An unusual Badger Face ewe lamb was born about 10 days ago. The ewe lamb is a twin out of two…

Bring In The Dog

Bring In The Dog

Every once in a while I get a ewe that for whatever reason doesn’t want to properly mother her lamb or lambs. This morning a “first timer” named Jazzy easily and quickly delivered a set of twins. Jazzy did a good job cleaning up her babies, but she didn’t want to stand still so that…

Lambing – A Normal Delivery

Border Cheviot  Lamb

Below is a video I made a few years ago that presents the normal and uncomplicated delivery of a lamb. The outline of the video: Pregnancy in sheep lasts approximately 147 days. Shortly before giving birth a ewe’s udder will become full and her vulva will become swollen. When a ewe is in the beginning…