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Non-Electric Kitchen Sink Lighting

2 Flat Wick Oil  Lamps Near Kitchen Sink

I keep two flat wick oil lamps for task lighting near my kitchen sink in the event of an electric power outage. When both lamps are lit I have adequate lighting for doing the dishes and for general kitchen clean up. The lamp directly above the kitchen sink sports a reflector on the lamp holder.…

How & When to Dry Herbs

Watering Can & Camomile

I harvested chamomile flowers the other day for tea. The flowers were gently dried in an electric dehydrator for about 18 hours and then transferred to a wide mouth Mason jar with a lid for storage. Chamomile like most ordinary kitchen or medicinal herbs are easily dried for storage. WHEN TO HARVEST HERBS If herbs…

Working In The Kitchen On A Friday Morning

Friday Morning

This morning I’ll be baking bread and looking at more real estate online while the dough rises. For the last 9 weeks or so I have spent hours perusing all the north central Pennsylvania real estate listings, Google Earth and making phone calls. The search for a new home would be easier if I wasn’t…