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Problem: Wife Doesn’t Want Self-Reliance – But He Does

Rouen Ducks

I picked this month’s “Ask Granny” question because it’s an important issue for lots of young and not so young couples. Hello Granny Miller, I have a question for you…I was raised on a farm and lived the life style of self-reliance and after a lot of years working for someone else I am trying…

June Ask Granny – “How do you keep on top of all the various, diverse homestead tasks?”

A Morning's Weeding

Dear Granny – Your home always looks so lovely. Neat, clean and orderly indoors and out. My question is: How do you keep on top of all the various, diverse homestead tasks? Do you use calendars, or a series of calendars – or is it all just second nature after all this time? My question…

Choosing Your First Homestead Firearm

Shooting A Semi Auto .22

Here’s a must listen to for anyone from a non gun background contemplating the purchase of their first firearm. Common sense and life experience prevails in this 20 minute podcast.  It’s an old episode from GRANNY MILLER RADIO. The topic is “Choosing Your First Homestead Firearm”. The outline of the show: A .22 rifle is…