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Kerry Cow For Sale


If you’ve ever dreamed of owning a rare breed Kerry cow here’s your chance. Last year the Swiss Village Foundation purchased Mab, one of my Kerry cows, for egg harvesting. The Swiss Village Foundation or SVF is located in Newport, Rhode Island, and is a seed bank which preserves germplasm (sperm and egg) from rare and…

Dexter Cattle Flaw – Bad Feet

Typical Dexter Calf With Bad Feet

The calf in the center of the above photo is a year old purebred Dexter steer. He has the typically overgrown “elf booties” feet that are a major flaw of the breed. Follow the red arrow in the picture and notice how his hooves are fluted, pointy  and upturned. The steer calf has NEVER been…

Choosing Your First Homestead Firearm

Shooting A Semi Auto .22

Here’s a must listen to for anyone from a non gun background contemplating the purchase of their first firearm. Common sense and life experience prevails in this 20 minute podcast.  It’s an old episode from GRANNY MILLER RADIO. The topic is “Choosing Your First Homestead Firearm”. The outline of the show: A .22 rifle is…