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How To Give Animal Injections – The How and Where

Sheep or Goat Injection Site

***Today’s post is authored by Dr. Risa Hanninen. Dr. Hanninen is a 2013 graduate from Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine.Her practice, Northwest PA Veterinary Service, is a mobile veterinary practice that stretches across seven counties in Pennsylvania and into eastern Ohio. If you live in northwestern Pennsylvania or eastern Ohio you can contact…

The Homestead Dairy


For those of you considering getting or keeping a dairy animal this podcast is just for you. It’s an in depth discussion that’s just over 25 minutes long and covers information that is sometimes hard to find. So pull up a chair and get comfortable. It is the last and final podcast from the old…

Pick The Time Of Day When Lambs or Kids Are Born

New Born Lamb

Did you know that the way a pregnant ewe or nanny goat is managed can influence when she will lamb or kid, and how quickly she’ll lamb or kid? It’s true. The time of day that a pregnant ewe or nanny goat is fed can influence when she will lamb or kid and how quickly…