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Lizzie Under The Kitchen Cook Stove

Apparently around my house, if you weigh 8 lbs. and could get stepped on… the best place to be on a cold and hectic Monday morning, is under the cook stove and out of the way until breakfast is ready.

No Good Comes From Rabbits In The Garden

Baby Bunnies From From A Plowed Up Rabbit's Nest

So sad. The 4 little bunnies in the above photo are a casualty of this year’s spring planting. While running the tractor and cultivator over our large garden a rabbit’s nest was turned up. Seems momma rabbit decided that a windrow of barn manure at the edge of the garden was a good place for…

Lizzie In The Snow

Lizzie in the Snow

Lizzie is a very small Rat Terrier. She weighs less than 8 pounds and she is fearless. Lizzie will kill rats in the barn and in the wood pile with just one shake. A good rat terrier can clean out a rat infestation better than anything I know.

How To Make A Ewe Accept Her Rejected Lamb

Bring In The Dog

Every once in a while I get a ewe that for whatever reason doesn’t want to properly mother her lamb or lambs. This morning a “first timer” named Jazzy easily and quickly delivered a set of twins. Jazzy did a good job cleaning up her babies, but she didn’t want to stand still so that…



Riko is my German Shepherd dog and today he is 10 years old. He is my faithful and loyal companion and is living proof that prayers meet in heaven. How Riko came to me is an interesting story and I thought you might like to know it. Almost 4 years ago my husband became very…