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How To Keep Snakes Out Of The Chicken House

Chicken House With A Dirt Floor

Here’s this month’s Ask Granny question. I very much enjoy reading your website, and have a question that I haven’t seen addressed there yet. I have successfully raised healthy chickens, geese and turkeys. I will never forget the year that my sons and I hefted our chicken house and were horrified to find 3 huge…

A Beginner’s Guide To Chickens

Winter Chickens

Here’s my favorite podcast from the old GRANNY MILLER RADIO. Please note that this is a podcast that has been illustrated with images that I happened to have. Not all images will correspond to what is being said. Here’s some resources that are mentioned in the podcast FeatherSite.Com Backyard Poultry Murry McMurry Hatchery The Chicken Book…

The Home Canning Of Rabbit, Chicken & Small Game

Canned Chicken & Pickles

Modest food independence and sensible food storage are goals that many families strive to achieve. Raising a part of your own food is not complicated and a good amount of food can be produced yourself whether you live on a small town lot or in the suburbs. Chickens and rabbits are usually the first meat…