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June Ask Granny – “How do you keep on top of all the various, diverse homestead tasks?”

A Morning's Weeding

Dear Granny – Your home always looks so lovely. Neat, clean and orderly indoors and out. My question is: How do you keep on top of all the various, diverse homestead tasks? Do you use calendars, or a series of calendars – or is it all just second nature after all this time? My question…

Which Tomato Is Best For Canning & Making Sauces?

Making Tomato Juice

Dear Granny, Which tomato should I grow for canning and making sauces? Which is good for eating? What is so great about heirlooms? Are hybrids better? Is there tomatoes that produce all during the season or do they produce one big crop at the same time? Susan Susan – A lot depends upon location, personal…

How To Keep Rabbits From Eating Just A Few Vegetable Plants?

Chewed Cabbage

Hey Granny! I just started growing some of my own vegetables this summer and they are just starting to come through. I am very proud of my two small tomatoes and three hot peppers, but I do not want rabbits to eat them. What would you recommend to keep them away? Thanks! Vegan Student Hi…