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Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus

Weanling Piglets

I’m confounded and I’ll tell you why. Because there is an epidemic of death and contagion sweeping across the farms of this country that is barely getting a mention in the mainstream media. If you ask me it should be front page news. And I’ll wager that unless you live in farming community or you…

Mobile Veterinary Clinic

Portable Vet Clinic

A Porta-Vet or Bowie mobile clinic on the back of a pickup truck is a familiar sight in rural America. A country veterinarian carries most everything they will need for a routine farm call or for an emergency. Including hot water. The local veterinarian always has time for questions and often stays for a short…

Feeding Kitchen Scraps & Garden Waste

Pigs Eating Roma Tomatoes

Throughout most of the year our ordinary food scraps and kitchen waste will end up in one of two compost piles we keep near the garden. But during the summer months when we raise pigs the situation changes. During those months all the kitchen scraps and garden waste are fed to pigs instead of being…

Astrology & Agrarian Practice

Small Kitchen Garden

“To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven. A time to be born, and a time to die. A time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted.” Ecclesiastes 3:1 Sometimes I get questions about “planting by the signs”. On occasion I’ve been asked whether…

Foot Scald & Foot Rot In Sheep

Sore feet

The ewe in the above picture has sore feet. Her kneeling stance is typical of either foot scald or foot rot. The ewe to the right of her, who is lying down, also has sore feet. All foot problems in sheep should be investigated and treated as soon as possible. There are lots of different…

The Castration Of Bull Calves

Rick & Webster

Dairy bull calves make a good “backyard beef” project and can often be had for a very reasonable price. And if you don’t mind waiting 18 months or so before the beef is on the table or in the freezer, it may be just the thing for your family. Under normal circumstances calves raised for…

Bring In The Dog

Bring In The Dog

Every once in a while I get a ewe that for whatever reason doesn’t want to properly mother her lamb or lambs. This morning a “first timer” named Jazzy easily and quickly delivered a set of twins. Jazzy did a good job cleaning up her babies, but she didn’t want to stand still so that…

Running With Mom

running with mom

Remember the runt? Well, he’s fine and keeping up with his mom. I kept him, his mom and sister in a lambing jug for almost a week instead of the usual 2 days. He’ll never be a champion in the show ring, but he’s growing well and is going to be just fine.


Runt Lamb

This little guy is a runt. He weighs less than 4 lbs. and is from a set twins that was born on Sunday. His sister is much bigger than he is and more lively. She weighs about 8 lbs. I’m concerned about both lambs. Neither lamb seems to be faring well. I don’t think they’re…

Selecting A Replacement Ram

Archie On His Way To Sale Barn

There’s an old saying: “A ram is half the flock” It’s a true and good axiom. Especially in purebred sheep. A ram’s contribution to a flock is no small thing. What he conveys to his offspring can either make or break a breeding program. The consequences of a poor ram choice for a given set…