How Long Do Your Winter Squash Keep?

Granny –
How long do your winter squash keep? I just had to throw mine out and read that they are only meant to last until December. But I for some reason thought I would be able to eat them until spring. Did I store them wrong, or do they only last until December?
Thanks and Merry Christmas!

Sarah –
Some years I can’t keep acorn squash much past Halloween and other years they will last until the middle of January. I’ve often wondered if the keeping variability from year to year has something to do with the particular summer that the squash were grown. I have always stored my squash in a cool cellar so the location is not a factor.
Butternut squash is never a problem for me and will last until the spring.
Those are the only 2 kinds of winter squash I grow.

I freeze my acorn squash when it starts to turn yellow and looks like it’s on the way out.
I pressure cook it like pumpkin and then pack it into rigid freezer containers.
Squash freezes very well and will last for up to a year in the freezer



Katherine Grossman

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