How Long Can A Fresh Laid Egg Sit Out In Summer Weather?

Hi Granny-
I realize that you might not be able to get to this question for quite a while, but that’s okay.
I’ll wait.
I was wondering how long a fresh laid egg can sit out in summer weather before being refrigerated and still be okay to eat.
I’m chicken-sitting and there was a day or two (not three) that I was not able to get the eggs out of the house. The rooster was already inside and he’s a little on the protective side so I didn’t want to walk in the house right under his roosting spot.
The next morning I didn’t get inside either and though I couldn’t really see if there were any eggs (kind of slow layers) I think there was one. That evening there were four eggs to gather.
Thanks for the information.

Anita –
In really warm weather above 85Fº or so I wouldn’t want to keep an egg out for more than a day. When the weather is warm we collect eggs 2 or 3 times a day.

During cooler weather (below 55Fº) once every 24 – 36 hours is okay for egg collection. In mild weather fresh eggs will last without refrigeration for quite a while. I don’t refrigerate my eggs except during the hottest part of the summer. Most of the year I keep my eggs out on a table by the stove. Just so you know, once an egg has been refrigerated it must stay refrigerated.
Fresh laid eggs will always keep better than store bought eggs because store bought eggs are usually old eggs (up to 6 months old).


Katherine Grossman

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