Gun Tote’n Mamas Concealed Carry Flat Sac Review

This past September while putting away my summer things and going through my fall and winter clothes and accessories, I discovered that my very favorite brown suede gun purse was starting to look ratty and worn.
Well, nothing lasts forever so I packed it up for the Salvation Army along with an extra pressure cooker and some brass candle holders from India.

I bought a new light carry gun handbag for everyday winter wear and thought you like to know more about it just in case you’re in the market for one too.

Brown Leather Flat Sac Purse

I chose the brown leather Flat Sac Concealed Carry purse from Gun Tote’n Mamas. The purse is made from very soft full grain leather with matching leather zipper pulls and durable metal silver colored findings. The purse is finely stitched, well made and fully lined.

The main compartment is top zippered, with one interior pocket with a zipper and 2 smaller pockets. There is room enough in the main compartment for a very slim wallet, keys, small penknife, a compact mirror and lipstick, but not much more.

Main Compartment Of Flat Sac Purse

On the front of the Flat Sac there is a small flap pocket for a cellphone that can be snapped shut and a side zippered compartment to carry a checkbook or other slim item.

Cell Phone Pocket
The Flat Sac has two side zippers to access the gun compartment. This is great because you can either draw from the right side or left side depending upon which side of your body you prefer. The handbag comes with its own holster that can be angle adjusted inside the heavy duty Velcro lined gun compartment.

Ruger LCP Seated In Velcro Attached Holster

The roomy double side zipper design makes it easy to shoot through the handbag if you have to.
Gun Tote’n Mamas describes the Flat Sac as perfect for light carry and that’s true.
My Ruger .380 LCP fits spot-on and draws easily and very smoothly.

Ruger LCP  .380 Is A Perfect Fit

I can also fit my 3″ barrel  “J” frame Model 36 Smith & Wesson in the Flat Sac but it’s a little tight.

Conceal Carry Side Zipper In Flat Sac Purse with Smith & Wesson .38
The Flat Sac purse lays flat against the body and is designed in a way that prevents any gun imprint or outline. The firearm is indeed completely concealed.
The purse has a slash resistant strap that is adjustable and easily removable with swivel clips.

Swivel Clips On Strap

The strap makes the purse perfect for comfortable cross body wearing.

Slash Resistant Straps

I’m not wild about firearm purse carry – but let’s face it – there really are times when purse carry is the best option. If you’re going to purse carry a concealed firearm, cross body is the way to go.

My only complaint about the Flat Sac purse is that I wished the main compartment was a bit roomier. I found the Flat Sac to be affordable on Amazon with prices ranging from $85 -$89. The Flat Sac comes in a few different colors – black, brown, tan and red.

I don’t usually do product reviews, but Gun Tote’n Mamas deserves the exception and a link.

Back in September when I first ordered my Flat Sac purse the stitching on the cellphone pocket started to rip within the first week.
I contacted Gun Tote’n Mamas about the problem and they sent me a replacement purse immediately without having to ship the original purse. It was a completely no hassle experience.

I recommend Gun Tote’n Mamas handbags.
Their concealed carry handbags are affordable, well made in classic everyday styles and their customer service is fantastic.
Pretty much what you’d expect from a company run by women.

Gun Tote'n Mamas Company Photo


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