Bomber Style Hunting Caps For Old Duffers

Old Fart In A Hunting Cap With Flaps

I’m a great believer in the spirit of American enterprise. And I am convinced that there could be a modest income making “Made in America” bomber style hunting caps. Hunting hats made with real fur and produced by a small home-based sewing business. It could be an opportunity for a homesteading stay at home mom.…

What Would We Do Without Wooden Spring Clothespins?

Spring Clothespins Holding Oak Veneer In Place While Glue Dries

I simply can’t imagine a world without wooden spring clothespins. One of my projects to complete this week is the refinishing of the Singer treadle sewing machine cabinet that I bought at auction a few weeks ago. The repair to the center drawer was an easy fix and is complete, but the under carriage of…