Bomber Style Hunting Caps For Old Duffers

Old Fart In A Hunting Cap With Flaps

I’m a great believer in the spirit of American enterprise. And I am convinced that there could be a modest income making “Made in America” bomber style hunting caps. Hunting hats made with real fur and produced by a small home-based sewing business. It could be an opportunity for a homesteading stay at home mom.…

Mending Pillowcases

Sewing Corner

I love old-fashioned cotton pillow cases or embroidered pillow slips with hand crocheted edging. Strange as it may sound, I actually look forward to washing and ironing homemade pillow cases. There’s not another type of laundry that I’d rather hang on the clothesline or watch flap and blow in the wind. My favorite set of…

What Would We Do Without Wooden Spring Clothespins?

Spring Clothespins Holding Oak Veneer In Place While Glue Dries

I simply can’t imagine a world without wooden spring clothespins. One of my projects to complete this week is the refinishing of the Singer treadle sewing machine cabinet that I bought at auction a few weeks ago. The repair to the center drawer was an easy fix and is complete, but the under carriage of…