The 4 Things I Did To Drastically Reduce My Migraine Headaches

Earthing Or Grounding Mat

Some of you have asked about my headaches. I don’t blame you for being curious or interested. Migraine headaches are a big deal and lots of people suffer with them. For the last few years I’ve been getting persistent 36 – 48 hour migraine headaches every 10 -21 days. Migraines were starting to ruin my…

6 Tips To Help You Haggle Like a Horse Trader

Haflinger Draft Horse

 Keen bartering and trading skills are fundamental to American rural life. And without a basic understanding of the skills and the attending attitudes and behaviors of trading in the boondocks, it’s often hard to make a satisfactory exchange – for either the buyer or for the seller. Sometimes new rural transplants from the city and…

Survivalist, Prepper or Housewife?

December Snow

Lately my husband and I have been having an ongoing conversation about the so-called “survival” and “prepper” movement. We both are more than a little dismayed with the entire phenomena. Many people don’t understand  the concepts, skills or life choices often associated with “prepping” or survivalism by any other name. And that fact alone caused…