Cutting Out Apple Trees

Cutting Out Apple Trees

We’ve begun to cut out some apple trees in our orchard. It’s an unpleasant task but will be a long-term benefit for the trees that remain. Apple production in the orchard should dramatically improve and the trees that remain will be easier to care for and not as prone to disease. If there can be…

How & When To Pick Pears

Bartlett Pear

In my corner of the world, this year has been a good year for pears. I have only two pear trees in my small orchard but they are among my personal favorites. The trees are fairly young trees and were planted within the last 7 years or so. One tree is a red Anjou and…

Northern Spy Apple

Imature Northern Spy Apple

I’ve got about 14 or 15 different varieties of apples in my small orchard – I think…..it could be more. The truth be told I’m not exactly sure because I failed to keep track of the apple trees years ago when I planted them. But what I am sure of is that I have two…

An Immature Bartlett Pear

Immature Bartlett Pear

Fruit on a pear tree begins its journey to the fruit bowl and Mason jar by growing upwards and defying gravity. By the end of next month the fruit will be much larger and start to turn down and hang earthward.

How To Feed & Fertilize Fruit Trees

Spring Feeding Of Apple Trees

It’s important to feed fruit trees every year and to feed them only once a year. Fruit trees should never be over fertilized. The best time for feeding trees is when they are at “silver tip”. Silver tip is when the buds are swollen and look silver. But this year we’re late in feeding our…

Pruned Apple Trees In Early March

Pruned Apple Trees  In March

My apple and other fruit trees are pruned every year. After the trees are properly pruned, all the debris must be removed before I can apply an oil dormant spray. It will take 2 full days to pick up the slash and trimmings from the pruning and almost a full day to spray all the…