An Aladdin Lamp With A Parchment Shade Covered With Fabric

Aladdin Parchment Shade With Fabric Cover

In most situations the light from an Aladdin mantel lamp is easier to live with if it wears a shade. Aladdin lampshade styles are varied and come in three types – glass, cloth or parchment. Glass shades are held in place by a ring and parchment or cloth shades use a chimney mount that is…

Non-Electric Task Lighting By A Cook Stove

Non-Electric Task Lighting By Cook Stove

An Aladdin lamp with a glass shade provides non-electric task lighting near my cook stove early in the morning. Glass shades have a couple advantages over cloth or parchment lamp shades. The first is that they can be easily washed  – an important consideration in the kitchen. Secondly, if the bottom part of the shade…

How To Safely Use Real Candles On A Christmas Tree

Candle On Christmas Tree

I’ve developed a contact allergy to spruce, pine and any type of conifer needles. So this year for the first time in my life I have an artificial Christmas tree. The fake tree is 4 ½ feet tall and came complete with attached mini white electric lights. This new holiday development completely delights my mother-in-law.…