Steel Ash Carrier – Keeping Valuable Wood Ashes Safe Until You Use Them

Steel Ash Carrier

Pictured above is a steel ash carrier sitting on my front porch. The ash carrier is full of fly ash and cinders from the daily morning clean out of my cook stove and parlor stove. Believe it or not, seemly cold ash, cinders, embers and stove coals can sometimes keep heat and reignite for up…

An Aladdin Lamp With A Parchment Shade Covered With Fabric

Aladdin Parchment Shade With Fabric Cover

In most situations the light from an Aladdin mantel lamp is easier to live with if it wears a shade. Aladdin lampshade styles are varied and come in three types – glass, cloth or parchment. Glass shades are held in place by a ring and parchment or cloth shades use a chimney mount that is…

Non-Electric Task Lighting By A Cook Stove

Non-Electric Task Lighting By Cook Stove

An Aladdin lamp with a glass shade provides non-electric task lighting near my cook stove early in the morning. Glass shades have a couple advantages over cloth or parchment lamp shades. The first is that they can be easily washed  – an important consideration in the kitchen. Secondly, if the bottom part of the shade…