Peek Inside My Pantry – Use This Tool To Help Plan A Year’s Worth Of Food & Supplies

Inventory Of Kitchen Cupboard

Every year I “put to store” about a year’s worth of food and supplies for my family. I begin in June when serious gardening commences and try to be finished by the end of October. My tool for planning a year’s worth of food and household supplies is a detailed and complete household inventory. For…

How To Preserve Eggs With Water Glass

Eggs In Water Glass

Did you know that are a few different old-time ways to preserve fresh eggs for many months without electricity? It’s true. Freshly laid eggs have been successfully preserved by being kept in a “water glass” solution, in a lime water solution, by being coated with mineral oil, Vaseline or paraffin wax, and by being buried…

Storing Home Canned Foods

Home Canned Foods In A Cool Cellar

For best quality home canned food should be stored in a cool, dry location. Storage temperature should ideally be between 50°F and 70°F. Canned food needs to be protected from excessive heat, from freezing and from dampness. Heat causes canned food to rapidly lose quality. All canned food should be stored well away from direct…