Home Canning

Storing Canning Jars

Mason Jars Stored In Clear Plactic Tubs With Lids

Canning jar storage is almost always an issue for home canners.  I’m not sure an ideal storage solution has ever been found for empty jars. I store canning jars in an unfinished cellar in clear plastic tote tubs. The jars are stored without the bands. I keep the bands out of the cellar and away…

Jam Without Pectin – What You Need To Know

Free Peaches

Well wasn’t I hopping mad yesterday morning. I had plans to make peach jam from frozen peaches that had been in the freezer since last September. I like to use pectin when I make jams and jellies because it saves time and stove fuel. I also think pectin jams have a slightly better taste. But…

Canning Grape Juice

A Light Bushel of Concord Grapes

Around here regular canning season is quickly coming to a close and I couldn’t be happier. Last week I home canned Concord grape juice, and this week I’ll make grape jelly with some of the juice that I saved back. I always prepare grape juice for canning and jelly with a steam juicer. After 40…

Tattler Reusable Canning Lids

Tattler 2 Piece Lid & Gasket

Hello Mrs. Grossman, I just had what I would call a catastrophic failure. I finally got the courage up to use the new tattler lids yesterday. I had 36 of them and 19 DID NOT seal. Now, I have been canning for approx. 23-24 years with a brief 6 year hiatus when I had 4…

How To Can Whole Apple Applesauce

Applesauce Apples

This past weekend I made home canned applesauce and thought you might like to see how I make it. I almost always make canned applesauce over the course of two days. On the first day the applesauce is made and on the second day I can it. My applesauce is a “whole apple” applesauce. That…

Ball Jar Heritage Collection Pint Jars

100th anniversary Ball Aniversersy Mason Jars

I ordered some 100th anniversary Ball Anniversary Mason Jars earlier this week and they came today. I’m not 100% happy with them. That’s because the “Heritage Collection” jars are absolutely not the “period correct” color that was advertised. The jars to the left of the above photo are the correct color blue. Sure the 100th…

Two Bushels Of Tomatoes For Tomato Juice

2 Bushels Of Tomatoes For Juice

Home canned tomato juice doesn’t taste anything like store bought tomato juice. It has a much fresher taste and you can’t taste the tin can. The 2 bushels of tomatoes on the table above took me an entire day day to process. I ended up with 28 quarts of juice.