Home Invasion – What’s Your Plan?

Kel-Tec SU 15 & Shotgun In The Pantry

Survival Mom had an interesting post yesterday.  She’s asking her readers what sort of plans, tips or ideas they have in the event of a home invasion. Are they going to fight? Hide? Call 911? I’m assuming most of her readers are suburban women with children.  But I really don’t know that. I’m very curious…

Shotgun Shell Mailbox

Rural Mail Looks Like A Large Shotgun Shell

“There are hundreds of millions of gun owners in this country, and not one of them will have an accident today. The only misuse of guns comes in environments where there are drugs, alcohol, bad parents, and undisciplined children. Period.” – Ted Nugent

Gun Tote’n Mamas Concealed Carry Flat Sac Review

Conceal Carry Side Zipper In Flat Sac Purse with Smith & Wesson .38

This past September while putting away my summer things and going through my fall and winter clothes and accessories, I discovered that my very favorite brown suede gun purse was starting to look ratty and worn. Well, nothing lasts forever so I packed it up for the Salvation Army along with an extra pressure cooker…

Choosing Your First Homestead Firearm

Shooting A Semi Auto .22

Here’s a must listen to for anyone from a non gun background contemplating the purchase of their first firearm. Common sense and life experience prevails in this 20 minute podcast.  It’s an old episode from GRANNY MILLER RADIO. The topic is “Choosing Your First Homestead Firearm”. The outline of the show: A .22 rifle is…