Ask Granny

Preppers Versus Tradition

Fall Grasshopper

Just in time for “National Preparedness Month” – here’s September’s ASK GRANNY.  Granny Miller, I’ve recently been exposed to your website for the first time.  I’ve enjoyed what I’ve seen so far.  I actually found a link which led me to you while I was visiting the Rawles survival blog. I’m interested to know why…

Why Won’t My Yeast Bread Rise?

Crusty Whole Wheat Bread

My wife and I are having a terrible time making yeast bread. Every recipe we have tried has failed to rise. Any idea what we may be doing wrong? We have tried about 5 different recipes including yours and cannot get the bread to rise. Harold Harold – Without more information I’d have to guess…

Advice About Oil Lamps

Early Morning

Granny, The oil lamps in the background of your pictures are beautiful! Do you have any advice on what to look for in an oil lamp? Aladdin? Thanks, Christine Why thank you Christine! As far as oil lamps go there are basically 3 or 4 kinds. Mantle lamps, flat or round wick lamps, floating wick…