It’s No Joke – A Casting Call For Fools

Cleopatra The Barn Cat

This is no April Fool’s prank. A bit of foolishness and idiocy came to me via email last evening. It’s positively the most asinine proposition I’ve heard about in a very long while. But I just knew you’d enjoy reading it. Who knows? Maybe you’d be interested! ******************************************************************************* Hi there, My name is Jill Hamburgo…

Tonight: An Interview On Christian Farm and Homestead Radio

Farm Power Using A Tractor

Tonight at 8:00 pm eastern time, my husband Richard Grossman will be a guest on Scott M. Terry’s weekly radio show. Tonight’s topic will be “Farm Power”, ranging from human powered tools to draft animals and tractors. Scott’s radio shows are archived so if you can’t hear the show live you can always listen later…