Wood Paneling Walls

This Is The Wood Paneling That's In Every Room Of My House Except The New Kitchen

This post is dedicated to all of you who are living with hideous wood paneling walls. I know what you’re going through and really do understand the misery involved. While I can’t do anything about your own particular wood paneling hell, I hope you will find a small measure of comfort and hope in what…

Nothing Keeps You As Warm As Coal

Laying By A Hitzer Stove That's Burning Coal

The temperature in my area of western Pennsylvania has finally risen above 15F. For the past week or so we’ve endured sub-zero weather. When the weather takes a turn to serious cold I like to burn anthracite coal instead of wood. Seems like nothing keeps you as warm as coal.

Backyard Shed Makes An Affordable Living Space

Amish Built Shed That's A Backyard Office & Studio

I turned an ordinary 12′ x 20′ backyard shed into a comfortable and functional home office and studio. I’ve been happy with my little building and thought you might like to know more about why I chose a backyard shed over a standard home addition. WHY A BACKYARD SHED? My husband and I are growing…

Fixing A Leaking Farm Pond

Pond Findings

Here in western Pennsylvania we’ve had an unusual amount of rainfall this spring and summer. The constant rain has been a source of frustration for local farmers. Corn planting had to be delayed into early June on many farms because of wet fields. And hay making this summer has been an ongoing vexation. No sooner…

It’s No Joke – A Casting Call For Fools

Cleopatra The Barn Cat

This is no April Fool’s prank. A bit of foolishness and idiocy came to me via email last evening. It’s positively the most asinine proposition I’ve heard about in a very long while. But I just knew you’d enjoy reading it. Who knows? Maybe you’d be interested! ******************************************************************************* Hi there, My name is Jill Hamburgo…

Soda Ash On Homemade Soap

Soda Ash On Homemaade Copra-Olive Oil Soap

My reward for not covering a newly poured batch of cold processed copra-olive oil soap, is soap with a very heavy layer of soda ash. That the fats in the soap pot may have been cooler than they should have been when I added my lye water, and that I waited too long to pour…