Backyard Shed Makes An Affordable Living Space

Amish Built Shed That's A Backyard Office & Studio

I turned an ordinary 12′ x 20′ backyard shed into a comfortable and functional home office and studio. I’ve been happy with my little building and thought you might like to know more about why I chose a backyard shed over a standard home addition. WHY A BACKYARD SHED? My husband and I are growing…

It’s No Joke – A Casting Call For Fools

Cleopatra The Barn Cat

This is no April Fool’s prank. A bit of foolishness and idiocy came to me via email last evening. It’s positively the most asinine proposition I’ve heard about in a very long while. But I just knew you’d enjoy reading it. Who knows? Maybe you’d be interested! ******************************************************************************* Hi there, My name is Jill Hamburgo…

Pennsylvania Dutchman Brand Returns To USA

Pennsylvania Dutchman Mushrooms

Last week while traveling the canned food section of my local grocery store I nearly collapsed from amazement. On the shelf right before my eyes, were cans of Pennsylvania Dutchman brand mushrooms with a big red, white & blue “Product of USA” label on the front of the can. I couldn’t believe it! I picked…