Retained Placenta in Sheep & Goats – Treatment & Considerations

Border Cheviot Ewe With Lambs

Normally after lambing or kidding, a ewe or nanny will expel the afterbirth or placenta within an hour or two. But sometimes the placenta can be stubborn about being released during the cleansing phase of lambing or kidding. In sheep and goats a placenta that does not evacuate the uterus after about 12 hours or…

The Care and Management of Hypothermic Lambs & Kid Goats

Clara Belle Hypothermic

Gosh it’s cold outside! I thought I’d shelve my internet hiatus to offer some potentially lifesaving advice to new and maybe not so new shepherds and goat keepers. Throughout much of North America, the record cold is interfering with the health and well-being of many early season neonatal lambs and goat kids. Lambs and goat…

Bottle Jaw & The 4 Steps To Worming Sheep, Cattle & Goats

Bottle Jaw

Bottle jaw is the vernacular term given to pendulous lower jaw swelling in sheep, cattle and goats. The swelling is a soft tissue edema cause by anemia that is characteristic in animals that are carrying a heavy load of blood sucking internal parasites – better known as worms. Most often in sheep the worms are…