New Digs For Pigs

New Digs For Pigs

Now that spring has arrived, Gladys and Petunia have been moved from a life confined to the barn to a life outdoors. The butcher has been called and their days are literally numbered. For the last couple weeks of their existence, Gladys and Petunia will be temporarily residing in our large vegetable garden.  For the…

Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus

Weanling Piglets

I’m confounded and I’ll tell you why. Because there is an epidemic of death and contagion sweeping across the farms of this country that is barely getting a mention in the mainstream media. If you ask me it should be front page news. And I’ll wager that unless you live in farming community or you…

Feeding Kitchen Scraps & Garden Waste

Pigs Eating Roma Tomatoes

Throughout most of the year our ordinary food scraps and kitchen waste will end up in one of two compost piles we keep near the garden. But during the summer months when we raise pigs the situation changes. During those months all the kitchen scraps and garden waste are fed to pigs instead of being…