How To Pick The Best Day For Hatching Eggs

Newly Hatched Buff Orpington Chick

I’m a great believer in agricultural traditions and folk wisdom. That’s because much of what I learned about homesteading was passed onto me by the two generations of garden farmers that came before me. Heeding their advice enabled much success and fewer homesteading failures. One bit of advice that was given to me by those…

The Sacred Bird of January

Young Speckled Sussex Rooster

Did you know that the month of January, and the first day of every month during the year is associated with roosters? Well it’s true and I’ll tell you why. January is named for the ancient Etruscan god Janus. Janus/Jana was an androgynous, mythical creator sun-god and was considered to be the keeper of the…

Cornish X Rock Meat Chickens

Cornish X Rock Meat Chicken

This year’s Cornish X Rock meat chickens have grown very well. So far there have been no losses and all chickens seem healthy and happy. Butchering day will be sometime in the middle of the month.

Speckled Sussex Chickens

Speckled Sussex Hen

Now that there’s just the two of us, I don’t keep as many laying hens as I use to. These days six to eight good hens supply my kitchen with more than enough eggs. In May I culled all of my old laying hens because they had stopped laying dependably. I wanted to start a…

Chicken House Needs A Coat Of Paint

Chicken House Needs To Be Painted

When warmer weather arrives my small chicken house will be moved to a different location . The move will be easy to do because the structure was built on skids and the chicken yard is a portable dog kennel. Once the chicken house is relocated it will get a fresh coat of paint. I’m sorely…

How To Keep Snakes Out Of The Chicken House

Chicken House With A Dirt Floor

Here’s this month’s Ask Granny question. I very much enjoy reading your website, and have a question that I haven’t seen addressed there yet. I have successfully raised healthy chickens, geese and turkeys. I will never forget the year that my sons and I hefted our chicken house and were horrified to find 3 huge…

Chickens Are Hard On Gardens

Laying Hens Confined During The Summer

As much as I love to watch chickens in the yard I confine my laying hens during most of the summer. I hate to keep the hens cooped up, but free range chickens and unfenced vegetable or flower gardens are a recipe for disaster. That’s because chickens can be so destructive. Chickens will destroy tomatoes,…