Horns on Cattle – The Horned, De-Horned & Naturally Polled

erry Cow With Young Calf

The first or second thing most farm visitors notice about our older Kerry cows are their horns. It’s understandable. Horns were what I initially noticed about Kerry cattle the first time I saw them too. From a farmer’s point of view, horns in livestock can be a source of trouble. Horned cattle are more dangerous…

Bottle Jaw & The 4 Steps To Worming Sheep, Cattle & Goats

Bottle Jaw

Bottle jaw is the vernacular term given to pendulous lower jaw swelling in sheep, cattle and goats. The swelling is a soft tissue edema cause by anemia that is characteristic in animals that are carrying a heavy load of blood sucking internal parasites – better known as worms. Most often in sheep the worms are…