Cats Can Be A Farmer’s Best Friend

Cats In The Barn

On this farm, cats are appreciated and are an actual necessity for keeping the rat and rodent populations in check. We’ve tried once or twice to do without cats on our farm. During our “cat free” periods, it was nice to be able to put out a bird bath or low hanging bird feeders and…

Moss The Barn Cat Loves To Be Appreciated

MossThe Barn Cat Getting His Love

Don’t let the fluffy pet kitty routine fool you. Moss the Barn Cat is hell on mice. He works hard to earn his keep and is usually rewarded on the front porch in the early morning with a small bowl of cream top milk or bacon grease. A good mouser is an asset to a…

Two Cats

Waiting For Spring

A couple of the barn cats have taken to sitting by a kitchen window. They aren’t quite as confidant as I am that  spring will be here in just a few more weeks.

Unexpected Harvest

Kittens In A Hat

Tall weeds have taken over the small vegetable garden in front of the red granary. Usually by this time of the year we have given up weeding in both vegetable gardens. There is not much left to harvest in either garden except for some scraggly tomatoes, watermelons, pumpkins, potatoes, winter squash, Brussels sprouts, sweet onions…

Kittens In A Basket

3 Kittens In A Basket

I keep two orchard baskets next to the upstairs stoves. When full, the baskets stay in the house. When empty I use them for gathering up fallen sticks lying in the yard and in the nearby pasture. I use the small sticks for starting fires every morning. And the sticks are used throughout the day…


Boots The Barn Cat

We have a barn cat named Boots. He’s a particularly nice tom cat and a champion mouser. I brought him home as a kitten on a sunny morning in June a couple of years ago. We were low on cats at the time and on the verge of becoming overrun with mice and rats in…