Cattle Ear Tag Fly Control Fail

Face Flies On Young Kerry Heifers Calves

Summer flies are a nuisance – both for cattle and for people. In the past we have always had fairly good fly control in our cattle by spraying them every morning with a permethrin based insecticide spray. This year we decided to try ear tags instead. Insecticide ear tags are usually applied in pairs to…

Back In The Sheep Business


I changed my mind and decided to “un-retire” from sheep. In April I had an opportunity to buy back some of my old ewes . So I did. I also bought a few yearling ewes from another breeder while I was at it. So for now, I’m back in the sheep business again. Nothing too…

Speckled Sussex Chickens

Speckled Sussex Hen

Now that there’s just the two of us, I don’t keep as many laying hens as I use to. These days six to eight good hens supply my kitchen with more than enough eggs. In May I culled all of my old laying hens because they had stopped laying dependably. I wanted to start a…

Kerry Cow For Sale


If you’ve ever dreamed of owning a rare breed Kerry cow here’s your chance. Last year the Swiss Village Foundation purchased Mab, one of my Kerry cows, for egg harvesting. The Swiss Village Foundation or SVF is located in Newport, Rhode Island, and is a seed bank which preserves germplasm (sperm and egg) from rare and…

New Digs For Pigs

New Digs For Pigs

Now that spring has arrived, Gladys and Petunia have been moved from a life confined to the barn to a life outdoors. The butcher has been called and their days are literally numbered. For the last couple weeks of their existence, Gladys and Petunia will be temporarily residing in our large vegetable garden.  For the…

Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus

Weanling Piglets

I’m confounded and I’ll tell you why. Because there is an epidemic of death and contagion sweeping across the farms of this country that is barely getting a mention in the mainstream media. If you ask me it should be front page news. And I’ll wager that unless you live in farming community or you…

Mobile Veterinary Clinic

Portable Vet Clinic

A Porta-Vet or Bowie mobile clinic on the back of a pickup truck is a familiar sight in rural America. A country veterinarian carries most everything they will need for a routine farm call or for an emergency. Including hot water. The local veterinarian always has time for questions and often stays for a short…

Gladys In March

Gladys & Rick

Gladys and Petunia should be ready for slaughter in about another 5 to 6 weeks. Both gilts (a gilt is a young female pig) are exceptionally calm and friendly. They’ve been a pleasure to raise this winter and will be sorely missed when their time here is up.

Blood Sample From A Tail Vein

Drawing Blood From The Tail Vein

Mistletoe and another young Kerry heifer have been sold to a buyer in New England. But before they can be moved across state lines in April, some paperwork and certain heath testing protocols need to be followed. Yesterday our veterinarian was here to draw blood samples. With Mistletoe, blood was drawn from the vein underneath…

A Realistic Assessment of Kerry Cattle

Kerry Cattle Are Friendly If Handled Properly

A Rare Breed In The Modern WorldWe have had our Kerry cattle for just over two years. My wife and I originally bought them for an integrated dairy production project on two different family farms.  The plan was that our neighbors would keep them and milk them along with their dairy cows on their farm,…