Cattle Cooling Tank

Holly Standing In Water Tank

The 50 gallon water tank in the heifer pasture never stays clean. That’s because Holly insists on standing in it. She’s positively incorrigible. No sooner is the water tank sprayed out, cleaned and refilled – then she immediately hops back in. Black cattle and cattle with a greater muscle mass seem to be more sensitive…

Blood Sample From A Tail Vein

Drawing Blood From The Tail Vein

Mistletoe and another young Kerry heifer have been sold to a buyer in New England. But before they can be moved across state lines in April, some paperwork and certain heath testing protocols need to be followed. Yesterday our veterinarian was here to draw blood samples. With Mistletoe, blood was drawn from the vein underneath…

Chicken House Needs A Coat Of Paint

Chicken House Needs To Be Painted

When warmer weather arrives my small chicken house will be moved to a different location . The move will be easy to do because the structure was built on skids and the chicken yard is a portable dog kennel. Once the chicken house is relocated it will get a fresh coat of paint. I’m sorely…