Retained Placenta in Sheep & Goats – Treatment & Considerations

Border Cheviot Ewe With Lambs

Normally after lambing or kidding, a ewe or nanny will expel the afterbirth or placenta within an hour or two. But sometimes the placenta can be stubborn about being released during the cleansing phase of lambing or kidding. In sheep and goats a placenta that does not evacuate the uterus after about 12 hours or…

Horns on Cattle – The Horned, De-Horned & Naturally Polled

erry Cow With Young Calf

The first or second thing most farm visitors notice about our older Kerry cows are their horns. It’s understandable. Horns were what I initially noticed about Kerry cattle the first time I saw them too. From a farmer’s point of view, horns in livestock can be a source of trouble. Horned cattle are more dangerous…