A Supply List for Lambing & Kidding

I’m expecting my first 2013 lambs anytime now. In fact there is probably a newborn lamb or two waiting for me in the barn this morning.

The weather is about  to turn nasty and sheep always seem to wait for a change of weather or for the worst weather to lamb in.

Less Than 3 Minutes Old

Less Than 3 Minutes Old and Born On a Cold Morning

This lambing season will be very special for me because it is my last one. I’ll be dispersing my flock this spring and retiring from the sheep business. I’ll explain more about that in another post. I thought you might like to see what supplies and attitudes I keep on hand for lambing. The supply list below is pretty much interchangeable for both lambs and kids. Except for an old towel, a small jar of iodine, and an ear tagger and an Elastrator,  I almost never have need for anything else.

But that said, if you have more than just a few sheep or goats it’s a good idea to keep the other things listed below “just in case.

Because I can promise you trouble never picks a convenient time. You can depend on it.

  • I begin every lambing season with a complete and unyielding conviction that God is the source of all life. I acknowledge my human limitations and I am prepared to accept both heartbreak and joy.
  • Iodine & a small wide mouth jar for dipping navels or disinfectant
Dipping A Lamb's Wet Umbilical Cord

Dipping A Lamb’s Wet Umbilical Cord

  • Elastrator with bands for docking tails
Elastrator & Rubber Band

Elastrator & Rubber Band

  • Ear tagger and tags for identification
Ear Tagger

Ear Tagger With Ear Tag

  • Thermometer for detecting hypothermic lambs. The dental floss is attached to make sure the thermometer doesn’t get “lost” while in use.
Livestock Thermometer With Attached Floss So It Doesn't Get "Lost"

Livestock Thermometer With Attached Floss So It Doesn’t Get “Lost”

Feeding Tube For A Lamb or Kid

Feeding Tube For A Lamb or Kid

  • Canned or powdered goats milk  and frozen or fresh sheep, goat or cow colostrum for orphan lambs
  • A bottle of 50% Dextrose, a large 60 ml. syringe & some 20G. X 1” needles for severely hypothermic lambs
50 % Dextrose, Large Syringe & 20g X 1" Needle For Hypothermic Lambs or Kids

50 % Dextrose, Large Syringe & 20g X 1″ Needle For Hypothermic Lambs or Kids

  • Injectable Penicillin and 18G X 1 ½” needles for ewes that may need it
Injectable Penicillin

Long Acting Injectable Penicillin

  • A clean plastic bucket for soap & water for assisting a ewe with delivery
  • Old towels for drying off lambs, my hands or carrying a slimy, wet newborn
  • Butter or lard for hypothermic lambs or for assisting a ewe with delivery

  2 comments for “A Supply List for Lambing & Kidding

  1. February 28, 2013 at 8:37 pm

    Life sure brings changes, and I’m sure you must have deliberated very carefully about your decision to stop raising sheep. If you’re feeling sad about it, I hope that it won’t be for long. I know that once I make a difficult decision, once my mind is made up, then peace comes in and even a sense of relief.

    Take care, and thank you for all that you do to encourage and inform your readers ~smile~.

  2. KMG
    February 28, 2013 at 8:42 pm

    Brenda –
    Thank you for your kind words. No I’m not sad in the least. It’s a decision that has been in place for a couple of years now.

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